Why Certify?

Professionals in any field participate in continuing education to stay current with best practices and to further develop specialised skills. Most data management training is focused on developing skills with specific technology products. The focus on technical training masks the fact that Data Management is a business function. DAMA International and other professional organisations provide education in product-neutral concepts, methods and techniques to enable business areas to define and control solutions to meet their business needs.

Professional certification is an indication of knowledge, skills and experience in a field. DAMA International has constructed the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) designation. The certification program gives data management professionals the opportunity to show professional growth that can enhance their personal and career goals.

Data is the new tangible asset that everyone needs to manage. All organisations need certainty that the people who are managing what is increasingly becoming an important strategic asset are qualified to do so.

The Australian Government recognised the importance of data with the release in 2015 of the Public Data Policy Statement and Public Sector Data Management Strategy.

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