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Data is a tangible asset that everyone needs to manage. All organisations want certainty that the people who are managing what seems to be an important strategic asset are qualified to do so.

Like other fields of study for certification, data management requires a solid, well-thought-out educational foundation. A program of three Data Management courses, based on the DAMA Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA DMBoK), has been developed to enable anyone who is working with data, both within Business and IT, to gain an understanding of internationally recognised as best practices in data management.

Practices that are the same regardless of the organisation, type and scale of data concerned. Each workshop assists participants in preparing for the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) certification exams. There are two days for revision and examinations.

Boot Camps are a certification experience in week. The courses are:

  • Data Management Overview
  • Practical Data Governance
  • Practical Data Quality
  • Revision Tutorials
  • Examinations (1 for associate or 3 for practitioner or masters)

We offer boot camps to be purchased in a single ticket or individual components can be purchased (see events).

Location Start Date Duration
Online 04 Apr 2018 6/10 weeks CDMP Exam Cram

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