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Data is the new black

Data is the new tangible asset that everyone needs to manage. All organisations need certainty that the people who are managing what is increasingly becoming an important strategic asset are qualified to do so.

The Australian Government recognised the importance of data with the release in 2015 of the Public Data Policy Statement and Public Sector Data Management Strategy.

International Experience

Jobs in the USA and Europe are increasing searching for certifications of data management capability in jobs advertisements. In other words, certification is a path to sustained and enhanced employment opportunities over the next decade.

Data Governance Consultant - CDMP Preferred

The market is in early recognition that reducing risk in employment or contracting will come through certification. We have witnessed a number of engagements or employment, where the outcomes failed due to a mismatch in the person's skill set and the particular data management capabilities required.

Government Analysis

This review of public sector data management identifies the need to increase the capability and capacity of public sector data workers and of the economy more broadly to take advantage of the nascent value of existing government data stores.

In the long term, data has the potential to transform the way the APS delivers parts of public administration – however this relies on a concerted upfront effort and the right foundations.

"Australia Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet - Data Management"

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